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Score Samples for Arpix Media 

Malory Towers Ep. 2  (2019)

I really love the score from 9:25 onward (earlier is fine, just nothing to write home about).

I'm really proud of these moments:  

(video player location, not timecode)

  • 9:24

  • 13:30 

  • 14:20 

  • 17.44

  • 20:07 is I think the strongest cue I wrote in the whole series. This is Darrel's "Hero Moment" They used this cue in their trailer. 

  • 22:30 into the end of the credits I also think is strong.  

Malory Towers Ep. 1  (2019)

Some good moments are:
(video player location, not timecode)

  • 3:53

  • 4:22

  • 6:24 - Lush, warm fuzzies

  • 8:29 - Fun ghost story music, transitions into Darrel's "I'm resourceful and ambitious" cue, then to Matron Mayhem. So fun to write. 

  • 11:17 - Lush, Paradise music, interwoven main theme

  • 14:05 Life is good 

  • 15.48 - Tension music

  • 19:40 - Gwen's Sneaky theme and again at 20:46

  • 22:00 Warmth and sharing theme

  • 23:40 - I think this is also very strong and into the end of the credits. 

Here's an instagram video of me playing the main theme on the piano. 
(I really should have dusted before.... :)

Here's my pitch that won me the job, You can hear the main theme at 30 seconds

Lora Bidner Mallory Towers Pitch June 28

"Ghosts of Remembrance" (2018)

VR Video Game Sound design and Score

dir. Nadine Valcine

I did all the Foley, Sound design and score 

This is meant for Occulus, this a walk through of the game. 


I especially liked writing the intro "main title' music and the final music that begins at 9:34. If you listen all the way to the end of the credits it gets pretty epic. I hired a vocalist for the end credits to really bring it home. 

"Our Home on Haunted Land" (2021)
360 Video Ambisonic Sound design and Score

dir. Nadine Valcine

I did all the Foley, Sound design and score and mixed this for the first time in 1st order ambisonics. It was a really awesome experience and I'd love to dive more in depth into the 360 world. The video is meant for Facebook 360 or Occulus but they weren't finished so it looks a little strange

This is just the first phase fo this project. It will be part of a live projection installation this summer, and Nadine is applying for funding to make this a full length, immersive game. 

"The Inquisitor"  (2019)


Dr. Max Whitworth

I wrote the score for this proof-of-Concept and this end credit music turned out really well. I love writing epic, driving strings like this, heavy bass, with experimental percussion and vocals. 

They are currently pitching this as a series. We have agreed (in my contract) that if they land something I will be the composer.  

 Blokus Ep. 2 (currently in progress 2021)

Drama Web-Series  
dir. Josiane Blanc

P.S. They have two-beeps embedded randomly in the dialogue track throughout the film for some reason, sorry about

"The Nothing"  (2018)

Surrealist Psych. Horror Short
dir. Lora Bidner

I loved writing this kind of music: Experimental Sound design, Creepy Vocals, Romantic, lush Strings. ​

This was my CFC showcase piece. I won a SOCAN Foundation award for the end credit music. 

I am currently planning a visual album based on this which will consist of a short film and an album of songs and score based on mental health and sleep paralysis.


"Wild" - Horror Short (2018)
dir. Morgana McKenzie

I loved scoring this film, especially 5:22 , between 7:00 to 8:57 and the ending. The moment in the void at 7:13 was actually my pitch to her and it never changed from the pitch. 


Morgana McKenzie is a super talented young director. She has put me on her grant application for her next film LAND. Last year I signed a contract for a film she was working on called Homebodies but it got postponed due to Covid.  

"Elephant Sheets" - (2020)
Drama Short
dir. Georgia

Loved writing this inspirational music at the intro at 1 min and the end. I wrote everything except that rock source song at 2:30. 


My song To the North is placed during the final dance sequence, really cool to see it danced to like this. I would love to see this song placed more 


"Jayla" - Drama Short 2020
dir. Fitch Jean 

Loved writing the kind of score, especially the intro, between 7:45 - 9:32 and the ending. 


"The Trees" 

Animated Horror Short (2017)
Sheridan Animation

Just to show you my ability to write for full orchestra. 

Recorded at the Glenn Gould Studio with the SCGC. 

Ballad Song (2018)

The CFC hired me to write this song for their showcase reel. I like writing these kinds of inspirational songs too.  fyi I've gotten much better sample libraries since recording this. 


An extra tid-bit 

Part of my background includes live performance, which I no longer really do anymore, even before the pandemic.


Raphael Weinroth-Browne is a face-melting virtuoso cellist who played in my band and now tours with Leprous. We went to high school together and have been working together for over 10 years, he's on my album and whenever I have the budget, I hire him onto my scores. He's in my The Nothing and Don't Click scores. He will be playing on my The Nothing Visual Album. 

Here's an improvised Hang drum Jam, In case your curious about the hang drum. 

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