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Vocal  & Songwriting Coaching

Specialized Coaching in:

    In-Studio Vocal Coaching 

  • Making sure your live sessions run efficiently

  • Get the most effective performance out of each take 

  • Receive vocal direction and coaching to help you get the desired take


                                     Vocal Lessons - (Available in person or via Skype)

​​​For live performance and in-studio recording

- Live performance coaching

                                Songwriting Lessons  (Available in person or via Skype)

- Get help finding your voice as a songwriter 

- Get fun and exciting songwriting tasks every lesson 

- Learn new songwriting techniques 

- Coaching and project management to prep your studio album recording session

Background and Qualifications

Within the last decade I've graduate from a Bachelors of Music specializing in Songwriting, Graduated from a Masters of Music Technology at the University of Toronto, Performed live on stages big and small as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, and lead countless recording and mix sessions for singles, albums as well as film and commercials scores.


I've studied with some of the best vocal coaches North America has to offer including Aaron Low of the Voice Clinic, Giselle Minns, and former lead singer Jacquie Neville of world touring band The Balconies. During my Masters, I studied under 4 time Juno award-winning mixing engineer Jeff Wolpert. During my Masters, I worked as assistant to renowned composer Christos Hatzis in his Songwriting course where I regularly lead solo and group songwriting lessons for two years. I've also taught students of all ages for many years on various instruments including vocals, piano, guitar and ukulele.


From all of this experience and training, I started noticing how good I am at coaching live musicians or vocalists and communicating what is needed, it comes very naturally to me. I found remarkably, recording times became shorter and shorter because I was able to effectively communicate with the musician what kind of performance was needed, as well as anticipate their needs so that they can perform the desired expression. 


This unique and eclectic background has given me the unique expertise of being able to understand what it is a musician or vocalist may need in a recording session and what kind of direction and coaching will help them get that perfect take for a desired delivery, be it in emotion, intensity, articulation, or technique. I help connect the director to the musician and am a part of getting what is needed efficiently within the time aloted for the studio recording station.



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Get in Touch 

Share with me all your hopes and dreams for what you want to get out of your performance or recording sessions!

Thank you, I look forward to responding back to you!

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