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When we were Young

When we were young, we fought battles in our yard.
When we were young, all the castles were ours.

And now, I’ve forgot what it’s like to breath, unconditionally.
And now I look back on those sweet memories,
And all of them, they’re lost in time.

When we were young
We were dreamers without cause
And oh my mind’s stuck on envy not grace
And I ache

Oh, and it’s easy to fall when you’re already down
And you’re lost
In time

When we were young, we fought battles in our yard.
When we were young, all the castles were ours

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The Tide
 By Lora Bidner


All my life
I have been waiting with eyes
That hunger for the shore, the sun
The glistening sand beneath my feet

I seek a clear view of the sky
Untarnished by the veil of the ocean’s surface
I long to breath the sweet air
To dry in the breeze

I look to the tide
the tide

Though I will miss the haunting whale calls
The deep and dark abyss
The reef I called my home
The rhythm in the current

I look to the tide
the tide

The stars above, they call to me
Their melody beckoning
In the cove I peer unnoticed
I seem a myth
But I am here

Soon I’ll wash up in the tide, the tide

The Tide

I Awoke

I stood for so long, I was stone and I was gone
Then when I arose I felt the light on my face
I liked that very much
Then I walked, I ran, and my knees peeled
And soon my hair was washed and my feet to, and I was just like you


I awoke, to a memory
and I felt the earth firm beneath my feet
Oh just like history
When I arose I felt the vines release me, oh release

It all crumbed down
All of my dreams, my love, my own
And how did it feel?
When my power raised, heard it hardened your face

I always worshiped the moon, ordained by the sky
And I followed its light, oh to shadow
And I lay my laurels down
I look to you, a side I never knew

Did you see me in your dreams?
Did you hear me in the night?
Could you still hear my cries?
Well I hope my tortured eyes, are still in your mind
I hope it haunted you for life

I awoke, to a memory
and I felt the earth firm beneath my feet
Oh now it’s history
When I arose I felt the vines release me, oh release me

Couldn’t hear me crying out?
Didn’t you hear me call for help?
Couldn’t you feel what I felt?
Well, I hope my tortured eyes, are still in your mind
Oh I hope it haunted you for life 


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I'm the author of my own life
I got out what I just put in
And at the time it just seemed
Now I sit in sunken skin
And you won’t give to me no, you walk on
I’m sittin’ lonely now, you walk on
And my life it seems like it has already gone,

But I keep holding on x2

And now I sit here my, trickling
These endless hours of solitaire don’t do anything
And I know I’ll be sitting here for hours more,

Cause Sunday is my only holiday x3


We’ll understand when time has past
Though all that we do is sit back and laugh
Oh this is the time of the last
A life slips past
Maybe we understood when we were young
Soon forgot it all


We’ll understand when we’re too old
Memories cold and our stories told
Or, we’ll know it all when we’ve gone from this place
On to the next, far and away

Maybe we’ll get the picture piece by piece as stones are thrown, and wars are fought
And though you’ve lost your train of thought, it keeps on driving on and on

The best, the brightest days
Are our darkest nights
And there’s only time, before theres only us


They climb all mountains
Fly over all clouds
Valleys they walk to find out
I’m sure I’d do the same to hear what they’ve got to save about

Chorus x2  

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Sand Castle Honesty

If Honesty were a house
Mine would be a suburban one all calm and cute
Sittin’ next to yours, with kids biking past
And in the morning I’d get my paper,
 I’d do my garden, I’d watch my shows, and it would be nice
It would be nice
I’d say hello to my friendly neighbour I’d say I’m fine thanks
How are you? You’d say you’re fine to

But, late and night I’d lie a walk, thinking of sandcastles by the sea
In my living room I’d have a big sand chimney and a window above my kitchen sink
So I could peal my potatoes by the ocean
Just, gaze right into that vast sea
Back my casserole, placidly
at the pace of the rhythmic sea
I’d rather be honest than free

And a sandcastle house is not the practical thing, I do know
But I’d rather be happy than safe in a suburban home
So, all you do, is cup some sand, there you’ve got it,
Use your pinky, build a window

And if oh, late at night a storm would come,
I’d tie my, teddy bear to my ankle
Grab my surf board and make for the roof

And I’d just ride that tsunami right out to sea
Just, ride away my vulnerability
Let my home, wash back to the sea
That’s ok I’ll build it back the next day
I’d rather be honest than safe

It didn’t have an on-suite bathroom anyway
I’ll build it back with a walk-in closet the next day

let my home wash back to the sea
That’s ok I’ll build it back the next day
I’d rather be honest than safe
I’d rather be honest than safe

3,000 Volts

Hey now I save the best for the last.
Held me down and I fought me back
Until I was a barren, black hole.
And oh, happiness?
I only dreamt of it
In black and white,
Then when I’d open my eyes, a nightmare was my life.

So I couldn’t take it anymore,
So I took it to his throat.
And I never felt more free
Than when I drew that blade close.
Yeah well I told them it was me;
The handcuffs on my wrists were cold.

And well you should’a seen their faces,
when I took the stand, I raised my right hand.
Yeah I had my reasons,
But they could never understand.
Yeah well I, I knew where my fate lied when I felt his blood all on my hands.

But I confess,
I’ve never taken my life so seriously, ’till I was looking down death row.
And yeah father, you can pray for me, but I am quite sure of where I’ll go.
No no, it’s not heaven, hell or limbo, it’s a place that you’ll never know.
But you’ll be watching in the front row,
While my head’s pumped with 3,000 volts.
I’ll light up like a firefly,
Then I’ll be gone like those memories when I was five.

Jars in our hands,
Oh running through the fields,
Eyes wide.

Hey now I save the best for the last.
My big finish when I finished him off
And now my contempt lies six-feet under the grass.
I may look like a caged bird to you now,
Just wait until they set me free
I’ll fly out like a firefly,
I’ll be those sparks shining in your eyes.

Your eyes your eyes
Your eyes, your eye

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To the North


To the north, yeah we’ll go 
To the north , yeah we’ll go

To the North, yeah we’ll go
Neon lights and paper snow
To the North, yeah we’ll go


There used to be vines on this hill
Now they’re all gone
And I’m sure they tried
But no cup to fill
No cup to fill
No cup to fill


Followed tracks to get here
Lost my way again
Two rocks do make fire
Smoke signals in my eyes again
And I try, but I miss
And I miss the way that it was
Globe of glass, that I’m in
I’d fall if not frozen.

To the North! x5


Lyrics by
Lora Bidner and Jamaal Jackson Rogers aka JustJamaal The Poet


We have no idea

Where we are right now

Lost in emptiness

Candles of hope no longer burn bright

The shores of peace a distant memory

With palms pressed to glass  Our own reflection turns away

Locked out from the inside

Screams for help in soundproof rooms

We are drowning in the crescendos of survival  Waves of doubt crashing down   Like tides falling under full moons

and the belief in new beginnings

Fades to darkness

But even then

When gravity grips you

And reality is stranger than fiction


For what it’s worth


Only the pain can keep the lights on


It will come to you in time
I know your candle doesn’t burn as bright in the cold

And deep down, I know you must know

That I’ll be by your side

Oh I know, I’ll ignite, I’ll ignite



Verse 2


We seem to forget

That even when your heart has been abandoned far too long

Left to find something from nothing   And the bitter cold surrounds you

As long as there is life, there will always be light

There is no escape from heartache

We can’t clap our hands to make it go away

But we can let go of our cries

Bring rain to the thunder

Strike fire on dusk

Hold hands when all seems lost

Until, one day, someday, soon

Clarity comes to mind

And somewhere between the blink of an eye

And a new sunrise  You hear a voice

That distant friend

The honesty you once knew so well

Calls you by your name,

And Tells you

Do not be afraid


Verse 3

Show the world we are more than just a body of harsh storms

Of lost stars

Of burn scars

We are embers




We are Sparks

No two moments are alike, what will you do, will you let your flame die or will you ignite?


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